Friday, April 3, 2009

Requests # 5 and Answer

Hey Everyone, I have a couple requests to put up!

Also, I would like to answer a question about the music cutting off. With seasons 1-4, the music shouldn't cut off. However, with Season 5, I use a certain type of video to rip the music, and sometimes the video cuts off before the music stops. I know where you're coming from, I hate it too! I am now trying to combine the ripped music with the last beat that might be cut off. For now, this is how it is.


Now, here's the requests:

3.01 Ending
This file is a little damaged, I don't know why though :(

Who Cleans A House Like That

4.10 Intro




fabian said...

hey, can you burn the the end of 4x14 when Katherine talks to Wayne going into the ending montage. also can you do the opening of season 3 ep 1. with Orson and his wife. thanks

fabian said...
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fabian said...

by the way, i want to thank you. i really appreciate the fact that you make time to do all this. lots of love man. By the way i'm the one that does the show Secrets Buried Alive oh you tube.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fabian, i knew that this was you xD.
Thanks Jack! For uploading, ripping/burning etc.
My request is: Season 2 Episode 17 after the fell asleep in the mall. The A-A-Guy and her are sitting in the car and talking about Andrew and Brees alcohol problems.
thx man, THX!