Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Spark. To Pierce The Dark & Requests # 4

Hey everybody!

I have the full score to episode 5.18, "A Spark. To Pierce The Dark", along with two requests.

A Spark. To Pierce The Dark FULL SCORE

4.10 Intro

Mike & Susan Get Divorced
I've gotten reports that the old link for this piece was broken, so I'm re-posting it.



Anonymous said...

THANKS A LOT FOR THe score of 5x18, great episode !!

Vincent said...

Thaaank you ! An very emotional episode !

Anonymous said...

Episode 5x18 was amazing! Thank you very much for the music^^

Anonymous said...

I have a request- when you rip your music, please let the music finish. I checked out the ending of 5x01, and you cut the end of the music off. I like how the music always has a "dramatic end", so please- in your future rips, let the music completely fade.