Sunday, April 19, 2009

Re-Posts # 1

Here is my first set of re-posts, everyone!

These re-posts are from episodes 5.16 - 5.18:

Edie and Dave See the Priest (5.16)

Your Husband's Last Name (5.16)

It Was Nice Knowing You (5.17)

The Story Of Lucy And Jessie (5.17)

A Spark. To Pierce The Dark (5.18)

Enjoy! Tonight 5.19 airs, so I'll have the full score of that episode up soon this week because I'm on break! Yay!



fabian said...

could you do, the opening for episode 5x05 Mrs mclusky's party. thanks

fabian said...

also could you do 4x02 when susan has a flashback with her and mary alice asking katherine what's going on. Also 4x02 when bree realised katherine swapped the pies at the dinner table.