Monday, September 26, 2011

Secrets That I Never Want To Know

Hey Everybody!

IT'S FINALLY HERE. The final season of the show. The new mystery theme is GREAT. The first episode had some fantastic music and story. It's looking to be a great victory lap! Anyways, here's the complete score to the Season 8 Premier. :)

8.01 - Secrets That I Never Want To Know - Complete Score

Enjoy! (Hopefully as much as I did!)

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lies III-Concealed

Hey Everybody!

FINALLY! I have the complete score from one of the two episodes from Season 7 that I could not rip, episode 7.19. You should be expecting 7.20 in the next two weeks.

7.19 - The Lies III-Concealed - Complete Score

Also, THE FINAL SEASON PREMIERS SUNDAY. Oh my god, no idea how the show is ending, but I'm glad they're ending it before it drags on too long. Hope to get some GREAT and EPIC music from this season, and I really hope for new endings...last season there were only ten new ending musics out of twenty-three episodes. Pretty upsetting :(

Anyways, hope you enjoy the music, and have an opinion on the new season and it's music? COMMENTS!