Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Story of Lucy and Jessie

Hello, everyone!

I have the complete score from episode 5.17 here for you!

The Story of Lucy and Jessie Full Score

Also, I'm going out of town to Washington D.C. for about a week. I'm leaving on Saturday, the 21st, and getting back on Thursday, the 26th. So during that time I won't be able to work on the blog. Sorry! You could imagine how mad I was when I realized I would miss episode 5.18 of DH! But, when I get back, I'll watch the episode and start working on the score from that episode.



Vincent said...

Thank you so much !! You will see, the 518 is really great !!

Anonymous said...

i think not many people say you THANK YOU, but, believe me, already think this lol