Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something's Coming

Okay everyone! Here are the tracks from one of the best episodes in DH history!

NOTE: There will be wind noises.
It was a sound effect, like birds, and therefore I can't rip them. Sorry! The music is still good, though!

4.09 Intro
Intro of "Something's Coming"

Keeping Secrets from You Again
Sylvia appears on Katherine's front lawn

A Nice Cup of Tea
Bree & Susan talking about Mike, Katherine spits on Sylvia, and Bree offers Sylvia tea

Susan Falls Down the Stairs
The title explains this

Our Dirty Little Secret
Katherine tells Bree why they moved back to Wisteria Lane

Just Take a Look at Her!

Mike detoxes and attacks a doctor

You Will Go to Rehab
Susan makes Mike go to rehab

Toby Escapes
Mrs. McClusky's door blows open, the cat runs outside, followed by Mrs. McClusky and then Lynette

Get In the House, NOW!

Gaby, Edie, Lynette, and Mrs. McClusky run out into the tornado

Adam's Affair
Katherine learns that Adam DID have an affair with Sylvia

Carlos & Victor Battle
Carlos & Victor's battle to when Victor dies

4.09 Ending
The ending narration

There you go! I hope you really like them!



Anonymous said...

what an i say,you're the best person i've ever known,thanx a lot for posting and sharing :D

Anonymous said...

Season 2 Episode 17 - Scene:
After Bree was sleeping in the mall she sit with the AA-Guy in the car, and tell about Andrew.

I cant wait 4 it, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Season 4 Episode 10:
Ms. McCluskey Poem to Ida in the baseball field, and runaway with Lynette.

Anonymous said...

it's wonderful, like everything you made !