Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened

Hey everyone!
I'm here with the COMPLETE SCORE from the 100th episode! It is in .rar file format.

The Best Thing that Ever Could Have Happened Full Score


I added some new features to the blog. My YouTube video bar is at the bottom of the page, and above it is the RSS feed so you can Subscribe to this blog! Finally, I added an "Upcoming Music" list above the polls on the right sidebar. Check out these new additions!


Anonymous said...

WOW...I wasnt expecting that! Thank you SOOOOOO much! You totally made my day xD

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you the music when Susan finds out that Mike killed someone?

Anonymous said...

(1x15 )

Anonymous said...

It won't let me download... :(
Sadly this is the only way to get the ending music for the episode, is it possible to please re-upload it ?