Saturday, January 17, 2009

Requests #2

Hey everyone - here are some more of your requests!

End of 4.11
Including Susan & Tim's talk, along with Dylan & Adam's

End of 4.12
Including the picture taking scene

End of 4.13

Including Dylan & Katherine talking, and Dylan walking outside to her dad

End of 4.15
Including Gaby & Elli scene, and Edie leaving Wisteria Lane

Get Out of the Car
Lynette tells Preston she's going to do what she has to to keep her family safe

Hope you like them! My next post will be music from episode 4.09 "Something's Coming" If you have any requests from that episode, tell me, and I'll upload it, too.



Anonymous said...

That scene where Bree, Adam, Katherine & Orson are in a room, and Katherine find out about Adam cheating with Syvia.

thx :)

Anonymous said...

Victor's and Carlos fight thanx for posting requests :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, the quality is great! Good job!

Anonymous said...

please if you can post the music from 4x15 when Lynette slaps Kayla in the shop,thanx :D hope you post that too :D