Monday, March 12, 2012

You Take For Granted

Hey Everybody!

Today, I'm posting the complete score for last night's new episode, 8.16.

8.16 - You Take For Granted - Complete Score

My thoughts - some great pieces in this one! Possible the best in the season! Mike & Susan's last scene together...tore me to shreds, and once you hear the music for's one of the most beautiful pieces in the series.

R.I.P. Mike Delfino.

As always, enjoy,


Anonymous said...

Tore me to pieces as well, yet I had to watch it a second time to comprehend that it actually happened. 8 years with these people, it hurts like a friend to see them die, even on a show that you know it's fake. I tear up just thinking about it. Today, I'm not going to be in a very upbeat mood. I guess it shows how good the show is overall if it can effect you that badly. It had before and I'm sure, even in these last final moments, will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

I cannot BELIEVE they killed Mike.

I don't read spoilers so this was a total shock. I can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Can you be more pathetic?!
For god's sake... it's just a show.

Anonymous said...

Could you be anymore rude?!

Amazing, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Someone knows the music playing during the flashback of Mike & Susan ?