Monday, March 19, 2012

Women And Death

Hey Everybody!

Today I'm posting the complete score to last night's episode, episode 8.17!

8.17 - Women & Death - Complete Score

MY THOUGHTS - Beautiful episode, brought me to tears during Susan's goodbye, and Vanessa Williams is a FANTASTIC singer! Her rendition of "Amazing Grace" was so beautiful, I had to include it.

NOTES - In some tracks, an echo of the voices can be heard because they were taking place in the church. Unfortunately, since the echoing was a Post-Production effect they added to the audio, I can't remove it :( I also have along with "Amazing Grace", "Amazing Strings" which is basically "Amazing Grace", but with a little more emphasis on the strings that Jablonsky added.



Mike said...

hi, I found your blog while I was Googling "Vanessa Williams" and "Amazing Grace" - that strings version you have is AMAZING! how on earth did you make that?!?!? is there any way you can do the opposite, like create a version with mainly her voice and NO instruments in the background? Bunches of kudos for you - this version she sang last night brought me to tears and I was really hoping I'd find it online :)

Mark said...

Amazing, thank you. Saddest episode ever.