Monday, November 14, 2011

Suspicion Song

Hey Everybody!

Just uploading the complete score to last night's new episode, "Suspicion Song"!

8.08 - Suspicion Song - Complete Score

There aren't as many tracks from this episode, but the cues are longer. I love the way Steve Jablonsky incorporated the mystery theme into the ending narration...I've also noticed that the ending narration music has been getting more of a solid beat...which I like :) Love where the mystery is going, can't wait for the next episode!!!! Although I wished they aired a better preview for it...



William said...

Thank you. And I agree, the beat-y ending score was AMAZING! Steve is a genius.

TheIntelligentOne11 said...

Common man...You're killing me...When will complete episode scores for season's 1 and 2 and the remains of the 5th and 3rd season arrive...Please,,,I'm tired of asking this over and over again :(((

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!