Sunday, December 14, 2008

Great News!

Hey Everyone! Great News!

I can now rip my own music again! I will take requests from Seasons 1 - 5. I can do requests from episodes 5x01, 5x07 - 5x10. Tell me if you want anything!

I will post music from the premier soon!



Anonymous said...

Awesome, i have some requests:

Season 2 End of 2x03, 2x07, 2x12
Season 3 End of 3x16, 3x17
Season 4 End of 4x02, 4x10

thx! I cant wait, but take the time you need.

Anonymous said...

Hi heres Lila! The weird thing is, my name is Lila Shad and my fathers name is William Shad! Now im always thinkin bout Desperate Housewives xD
Well, anyway my requests:
The beginning of Season 3 Episode 10 with Art as Santa Claus and all the neighbours.
THX ^^

Anonymous said...

thanx for all music,i like it a request is music from season 4 episode 11,12,13,and 15 endings,thanx you will help me a lot if you upload it you know why i will have all muisc from desperate housewives then,now i have season 1,2,3,4(not all) and 5 until now to episode 10,so thanx for everything and i hope you can help me :D don't stop :D

hogm said...

Can you rips this music:

1. Episode 3x07 Full Score
2. Episode 3x15 Full Score
3. All the "previously on desperate housewives" -songs
4. Danielle tries to take suicide (3x05)
5. Can we call her grandma ? (on 3x08)
6. 2x10 Intro

: - )

PS: What program do you use to rip the music without voice? : - )

Anwer please : - D


hogm said...

Can you answer as a comment ? : - )

hogm said...

And 4x08 Intro