Monday, December 8, 2008

City on Fire

Okay Everybody - I have some music from 5.08 "City on Fire"

Lynette Rescues Anne
Lynette rescues Anne when her husband Warren is beating her.

Dave Kills Dr. Heller
Dave murders Dr. Heller by choking him to death.

Fire Breaks Out
From Porter has a gun to Dave pulling Mike out of the fire.

City on Fire
The Ending Narration

Hope you guys enjoy these pieces! Thanks to Amaranth!

See you later!


Anonymous said...


i love your blog and i love what you're doing for us.
The music is great thanks!

Anonymous said...

My first comment on your blog (YAY), of course i subscribed you on Youtube. I think this is so nice of you Jack, that you upload all the MP3s thank so much!
Im telling everyone i know from this blog ^^

Anonymous said...

Your Blog On Fire ;)
hot music!
The music pieces are wonderful