Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lost Of Music!

Okay - Since Badango still isn't working, I'm going to be using DivShare at the moment.

I forgot to mention some tracks in my last post, in addition to the other peices I said I would be posting, I am also posting Wayne Traps Katherine, End of 4x16, End of 4x17, and Gaby Lets Sylvia Escape.

Here are the pieces from episode 4x16:

End of 4x16
Kayla gets taken away & The ending narrartion of episode 4x16.

Drug Sting
Gaby lets Ellie escape.


Wayne Traps Katherine
Wayne slams Katherine's wrist in the drawer and traps her.

Katherine's Secret
Katherine reveals her secret.

Wayne's Death
Katherine shoots Wayne & the women cover for her.

The Women Protected Katherine
Katherine & Dylan are reunited

End of 4x17
Susan and Jackson kiss.

Season 5

End of 5x06
The ending narration of 5x06.

End of 5x07
Porter/Anne's talk & the ending of 5x07

Susan Knows Jackson
Susan sees Jackson's painting of her.

These tracks were thanks to Armaranth.

Hope you like 'em!



Anonymous said...

I dont like them... i freakin' love them^^

Jack said...

haha thanks!

Anonymous said...

me too!

Anonymous said...

I love the new sound of season 5. Hope there will come more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack!

i just want to thank you for putting all these beautiful MP3's on the blog!

THX Jack aka HouseAvatarfanjd ;P

Anonymous said...

Just one word: AMAZING!
thxVerieMutch :D