Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Look Into the Future

Okay -

I have decided to post more music. But now when I post music, I will give credit to the ones who ripped it.

Good news though - Around the holidays, I'm going to get a better program so I will be able to rip tracks from ALL 5 SEASONS!

I will add tracks soon, but Badango isn't working :(

Here's Whats Going to Be on My Next Post:

>Katherine's Secret Revealed (GREAT QUALITY)

>Katherine Shoots Wayne/The Women Protect Katherine (GREAT QUALITY)

>Katherine/Dylan Hug (GREAT QUALITY)

>End of 5x06

>End of 5x07

>Jackson's Painting of Susan

When Badango starts to work, I'll put these tracks up. In the meantime, watch Desperate Housewives tonight! The Fire episode! It looks amazing!

Well, see you all later!


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Anonymous said...

cant wait ;)