Monday, May 7, 2012

The People Will Hear

Hey Everybody!

Well, the last regular episode before the series finale...happened. With a bunch of incredible pieces from this new episode, here's the complete score to last night's new episode!

8.21 - The People Will Hear - Complete Score

As for the ending music of the finale, I just hope it isn't the ending of Season 2 and 3 music (too overused), or the same music as the ending of the Pilot with the Desperate Housewives theme rendition. Although I would prefer a new, epic piece to end the show, the one ending music that I wouldn't mind being reused is the ending of episode 5.12. What are your thoughts?

Can't wait for the finale!!!!! (But at the same time I can...)


DesperateRyan said...

I hope its a brand new piece! That would be amazing! I hope there's a ton of intense scores in the next episode! I'm actually also very worried on how much they have to fill in just 2 hours!

StephenB said...

In the Promo for the Finale, the Second half has Music that Sounds like it's from The Show :) Hopefully it's that, it sounds really nice!

Mark said...

@StephenB... I thought that, but I'm pretty sure ABC makes the music for the promos.

I hope there's an epic, new piece for the ending. The music at the end of 2x10 is used a lot (it's in 7x03, 4x15, and 5x19) for example, so I think they'll either use that or something like at the end of season 4 when Susan walked in to Jackson (but longer obviously)

I'm excited! I cannot believe it's ending. Haven't been this sad since Friends ended.

DesperateRyan said...

The ending music to 7x16 - "Searching" would be such a great ending to season 8! It's so perfect!

Mark said...

I've just listened Ryan, and you're right, that would be great.

I do hope it's new though, but a take on the slower ones like 6x03 and 7x16 etc

Willi said...

When are you posting the soundtrack of the last episodes?

Mark said...

Just watched the last episodes - I'm such a mess :((((