Monday, February 13, 2012

Is This What You Call Love?

Hey Everybody!

Today I'm uploading the complete score for last night's episode, "Is This What You Call Love?"

8.13 - Is This What You Call Love? - Complete Score

MY THOUGHTS - I LOVED the episode! The part with Julie and the knife was freaking hilarious, and Orson's bad-ass tazer entrance was incredible, followed by the most intense line ever, "I also have pepper spray!" About the music, I love how it is, and for the ending narrations I think Jablonsky might be doing a "best of" sort of thing, which I don't mind :)

NEW THING - Comment and tell me your favorite tracks!

Enjoy/Thanks For Reading!


Anonymous said...

thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for every episode!
Just to know, if people doesn't comment, doesn't mean they are not visiting your page. I like these soundtracks very much.

I still wonder what program do use you, or maybe someone else who's making this. Could you just name it, with no details? :-)

All the best!

TheIntelligentOne11 said...

-The Quiet Desperation of Mary Alice Young (Intro 1x23)
- A Widow (1x23)
- Every Doll Has a Story (7x11)
- Leaving a Mother Childless/The Power of a Prayer (End 2x20)
- Something to Ease the Pain (7x12 Gabby and her doll)
- You Were All So Perfect (6x17 Bree and Sam)
- Unaware of the Pain They Cause (End 5x03)
- Competition (End 1x07)
- The Angry Cavalry/The Protesters/The Truth Stricken Daughter/Down the Block There's a Riot/The Sound of Revenge (7x10)
- Dave's Hallucinations (5x23)
- Murder of Martha Huber (End 1x08)
- Edie's Death (End 5x18)
- Antifreeze (7x20)
- I Won't Wait Forever (7x02 Paul and Beth)
- A Glimmer in the Dark (End 2x08)
- A Reason for Christmas (End 3x10)
- Nothing to Be Forgiven For/Someone to Depend On (End 2x05)
- Some Dreams Just Don't Come True (End 2x06)
- Bree's Discovery/To Live in Fear, is Not to Live at All (End 1x03)
- Oh Mary Alice, What Did You Do? (1x23)
- The Wrong Mayer (6x20)
- The First Murder (6x20)
- Monsters (End 6x20)
- Patrick Logan's Death (6x23)
- I Protected Carlos (1x05)
- The Answer's in Motherhood (6x20)
- The Disappearance of Alma Hodge (Intro 3x01)
- The Painful Things We Say/The World is a Dangerous Place (End 6x09)
- A Promise Is A Promise (5x02 Orson forcing Bree to make him pot roast)
- Bad News Travels Quickly (End 7x01)
- Finding Out a Horrible Truth (Intro 6x20)
- Poisonous Foods/Moments of Dread-Lurking in the Dark (End 7x21)
- Luckily for Lila (Intro 5x24)
- Poor Troubled Child (6x20)
- Forgiveness for the Unforgivable (Intro 5x23)
- Explaining/Discovering a Secret (3x10)
- Nothing Spills the Truth Like Alcohol (3x09)
- Mysterious Men (End 6x21)
- Life Sentence (6x11)
- A Simple Plan Interrupted (5x18 Dave tries to kill Katherine)
- Susan Confesses To Dave (5x??)
- Dave's Simple Plan (Intro 5x18)
- Time Goes By So Quickly/Someone's In Danger (End 5x01)
- Enough Love for Both (5x23 Bree and Orson)
- Trying to Kill an Innocent (5x23)
- Would I Think Of Suicide (Intro)/Word of Emily Portsmith's Death (Intro 6x09)
- Reliving The Past (Intro 4x11)
- The Death Confession (6x23)
- The Fire (5x08)
- They Took Him Away in Handcuffs (End 1x09)
- When You Love Something, You Can't Just Let It Go (6x20)
- Why They Did Not Answer (End 5x12)
- Bad Choices (Intro 6x22)
- Choices (End 6x22)
- Blackmail/A Man With a Progressing Plan (End 7x05)
- I Win (1x21 when Bree leaves Andrew)
- I Remember That (End 3x14)
- Wisteria Lane is Just the Place for You (End 3x11)
- The Mysterious Crime-Wave on Wisteria Lane (part of the Intro 4x02)
- Victor Overboard (4x07)
- The Good Fathers (End 2x04)
- Anyone Can Be A Victim (End 3x21)
- I'm Real, and I'm Here/Clothes (End 3x17)
- In a Blink of an Eye (End 3x13)
- A Moment in The Morning/Not The Same Girl/Behind Locked Doors (End 4x01)
- Adam's Affair (4x09)
- Dave's Illeistic Sad Story (5x17 Dave and Edie about kids)
- Fall Down the Ladder (3x14)
- Fine Place to Live/A Definite Surprise (End 6x23)
- I Know You, Mrs. McCluskey (5x02)
- Katherine's Finally Lost It (6x10 ''I Told You Not To Come'')
- More Beautiful Than Ever (4x12)
- My Wife and Slave/Revealing the Underneath (End 6x12)
- Oh, That Disappointing Laugh (6x20 Susan and Eddie)
- One Horrible Day (End 6x02)
- Out Of Choices (6x23)
- Perseverance (6x11 Lynette and her unborn son)
- Time to Move (7x09)
- Poetic (End 5x24)
- We Thought You Were a Killer (7x01)
- Rescuing Paul/A Sence of Security (End 7x22)

Hah...These are my favorites..:D..I hope I didn't forget any of them..I got a little carried away..Most of the Titles are my own self-made titles of witch I am very proud..:) They're kind of organized by favorit-NESS :D I don't know..but probably there are some errors...I recommend you find these and give them a won't regret it..Hope I didn't bore anyone..:) Cheers for Steve..:)))

TheIntelligentOne11 said...

I must add another one...I don't know how I missed it

-And Then the Winds Came (End 4x09)
and it's in the first 10 :)))

Anonymous said...

endings: end of 1x07, 1×08, 1x13, 1x18, 1x23
2x02, 2x17, 2x18, 2x24
3x01(!!!), 3x05, 3x07, 3x09
4x06, 4x10, 4x12
5x10, 5x11, 5x14
6x01, 6x02, 6x03, 6x07, 6×08, 6×10, 6×22
7×08, 7×10,
8×02... that's it! :)

others: intro of 1x03, 1x08, 1x23,
2x02, 2x03 - when Gabby cathces John with his lover, intro of 2x10, 2x18, 2x21, bree and peter's talk in the car from 2x17, also from 2x17 when bree awakes in the store, 2x22 - bree's breakdown, 2x24 - bree's escape and nora's introduce
3x01 intro, 3x06 - the girls gets drunk, 3x10- susan hides in orson's office, 3x11 - susan and bree's fight atthe dinner party, intro of 3x11, 3x19
4x01 - when carlos tells gaby he's staying with edie, 4x11 - susan catches tim and kathrine, 4x12 - susan snaps orson when he sleepwalks, and bree & katherine's theme, 4x13 - all gabby & the dog tracks

these are my favourite tracks :D and I didn't listen a lot songs from the other seasons except season 8 which starts wonderful.

thank you for your great job :) you give us a big gift! (srry for my english)

Willi said...

When is the music from 8x14 coming out? Very mixed music from that episode, loved it. Have a good one!

TheIntelligentOne11 said...

God...4x06 ending..''Lynette's Cancer is Gone''..How could I forget...that one's so unique..:)
And 4x10 end..or as I like to call it ''Even in Betrayal/Picking up the Pieces'' :)
Also ''Sorry/Grateful(Intro)/Felicia Tilman Knew Many Things (Intro 7x08)..I love Felicia's theme :)

Anonymous said...

I'm missing the main mystery theme :( it was used so much in the first 8 episodes, then it kinda disappeared with the odd repeat here and there, nothing new. Come on Steve, there's only a few episodes left, I love this season's mystery theme!!