Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey Everybody!

GREAT episode last night! I gotta say, I think Mr. Jablonsky saw this blog! He has been delivering new music CONSTANTLY and it is all AMAZING! Possibly one of my favorite tracks this season - The Proud Parents. Beautiful!

7.16 - Searching - Complete Score

Also new ending music! I totally saw it coming that Beth was the one to kill herself! LOVED THIS EPISODE! New episode April 3!

Enjoy as much as I did!


TheIntelligentOne11 said...

Oh my God..I so unlike you..didn't see the end coming...But the scene is so emotional and so powerful..This episode was amazing...Musically it's really innovative..Lots of really nice pieces..I'm really satisfied with it.

TheIntelligentOne11 said...

Just one more question...Why the copies of the tracks?? What's up with that?? :))

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this episode, it felt like Housewives but at the same time felt like it had a different writing style... and the music was refreshing, moving, and phenomenal.

Mark said...

I didnt' see the end coming at all!

Anonymous said...

The download doesn't work... :-(

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I came across this blog! I love the music of DH and I commend you for all your hard work in posting the scores for this! Thank you! :)

P.S. Are you open to doing scores from other shows like Pretty Little Liars. Michael Subys work is similar to Steve Jablonskys. If you could rip the score from PLL I would greatly appreciate it :) :)

William said...

Hi Jack!
This might be an odd request, but could you please post (and if not, e-mail me) the ending of Criminal Minds 6x18. It had such an beautiful cello piece, I want it so bad.

I would really appreciate it.

TheIntelligentOne11 said...

I saw that there are a couple of requests other than from DH. If you'll indulge them, then I hope I can add just one more request to that list. The piece of music I want is from "Dirty Sexy Money", the episode num. 9 I think, it's called "Organ Donor", when Nola Lions (Lucy Liu) tries to unplug Chase, and Nick stops her, it's a very vibrant piece of music, and I hope you can do that for a devoted fan of your work..:D