Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey Everybody!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I'm posting the complete score to episode 7.14, "Flashback"!

7.14 - Flashback - Complete Score

This episode had a good score, but, quite honestly, I'm getting kinda annoyed that Steve hasn't made new ending music since episode 7.08...even most of the regular background music isn't new! I hope that he makes some new, wonderful music!



Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed too, hopefully it'll get better towards the end of the season. It's starting to get extremely dramatic so here's hoping! :)

TheIntelligentOne11 said...

I agree that he's using a lot of the old music..But as for not making new stuff I don't agree...For instance,the episode 7x10..The riot music is some of the most unique in the show..Also the car stealing was new, and the coping mechanism music...or as I named it Every Doll Has a Story...was the number 1 song on my mind for 2 weeks or so...I would also like it if he made some more new stuff...but I'm sure he's trying as much as he can...;):)))

HouseAvatarfanjd said...

oh, well with new music I was mainly talking about ending music. i LOVED the riot music! definitely one of the best tracks :)

TheIntelligentOne11 said...

Yes, yes it is...But just a question if you please..Are you going to meet my requests for the season 3 that I made I while ago on ''Would I Think of Suicide?'' post...and also what's wrong with some of the files...they still don't seem to be able for downloading...