Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Humiliating Business & Sorry Grateful

Hey Everybody!

Here are the complete scores for the latest two episodes!

7.07 - A Humiliating Business

7.08 - Sorry Grateful

I can't wait for the two new episodes when the show returns a week from Sunday! I have a feeling they're going to be intense!!!



Anonymous said...

thank you a lot for posting :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jack.

Can't wait for the missed season 6 ones! The music isn't AS great this season in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting all these season 7 posts up. You're amazing.

But what's the deal with the season six requests, are those ever going to surface?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can upload these music for season 7 in rapidshare as well? Thanks!

KENT_light said...

That's so great! I've been a fan of you blog for a very long time. Great work, because DH have a really great music, there are no so many show on tv with such a fantastic score.

I would like to ask you about a favor, so how can i write to you on e-mail? If you think it's possible to write me, please send a message on so we can talk.

Again, many thanx for great work with DH score!

Wish you luck and all the best! =)

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!!!! I realy enjoy Your music :))))))))