Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Night Music

Hey Everybody!

Today, luckily it worked, I'm posting the complete score to episode 6.21!

A Little Night Music

About 6.20, I'm still working on the bad version, I don't know why but it's taking longer than it does to rip a good version. Sadly, you can here faint voices in the background sometimes, but you barely can. I'll have it up this week! One more episode until the finale!!!



Jamie said...

YES! I'm so glad this one worked! haha! And I can't wait for the 6x20 audio to be posted up! Thanx Jack for all your hard work. I'm sure this isn't easy as it seems to be very time consuming. You Rock! ♥

Anonymous said...

Tell me, do you take vacation? or during the holiday you're going to update some score season which would be awesome ^^

Thanks again for your work

Anonymous said...

glad you were able to post this score. 6.22 had some pretty good music... hope it rips.

thank you for all your hard work!

L said...

YAY!!! Thank you for your hard work. Can't wait for 6.22

B said...

The last few episodes have had such great and dramatic music, I can't wait for 6x22 & to see what's in 6x23.

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound pushy, because I so appreciate all your hardwork, but are we not getting the most recent scores?

I think its a decent question, since that's what this blog is for.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're still alive ^^

Anonymous said...

I hope everything's OK with You. I wish all the best and I hope You'll continue to post Your excellent music!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Hope everything is all right. Was wondering when you're going to be able to post the remaining music score form the last few episodes of the series. Best, W.