Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Requests # 18

Hey Everybody!

Today I am doing my biggest post ever...complete score requests! I had A LOT and I'm posting just about all of them today.

Season 2

2.15 - Thank You So Much

2.16 - There Is No Other Way

2.23/24 - Remember

Season 3

3.02 - It Takes Two

3.03 - A Weekend In The Country

3.07 - Bang - INTRO

3.11 - No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds

3.15 - The Little Things You Do Together

Season 4

4.01 - Now I Know

4.05 - Art Ain't Easy

4.07 - You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover

4.08 - Distant Past

4.10 - Welcome To Kanagawa

4.11 - Sunday

4.12 - In Buddy's Eyes

4.13 - Hello, Little Girl

Season 5

5.05 - Mirror, Mirror



Vincent said...

Thank you so much! You're amazing! Doing all of this work!!

Vincent said...

Seriously it is awesome, I love the 3X15 and the 2X23 music!!!! AMAZING!!! Thank you again!!

Mersad said...


Jamie said...

Thank you so much!!! That is a lot of hard work you've done!! :)

Can you PLEASE upload the complete score for 1x03 thank you for all this!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! So much for all of these requests. Your so amazing!

Can't wait for the score to 6.09

Anonymous said...

DivShare is not allowing me to access the files until Dec 17 as the uploader has reached download limit. Anyone else having this problem?

Any chance of uploading the files to Rapidshare? I love the music, but it's very hard to get it.


Anonymous said...

I am having trouble downloading zip files. spacifically 2.23/2.24