Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time For Improvements

Hey Everybody!

Today, I'm asking all of you what you think I should do to make my blog even better. So, compliments, complaints, and constructive criticism. I'm looking for the four C's!

Next post will be Episode 6.02 Score and is the 50th post!

One more thing: The 1 Year Anniversary of HousewivesMusic 2 is October 16. Yay!



Anonymous said...

Today is also the day Desperate Housewives premiered, five years ago!

Anonymous said...

Hello, first of all thank you for doing this in your site!! And I think you should rip music from other series or movies jaja Maybe it's just a crazy thought :)

Anonymous said...

I love the content. I just love the blog. You could change the style or some colours of the blog.

*think about it ^^)

completebritish said...

Is there any way of putting quick links to the complete scores of each season? Like, you'd click on "Season 4" and it'd then list all 17 episodes, each one to click to take you to the download link. Only because I can't find some of the complete scores, or maybe I dunno how to find them lol. Other than that, the blog is great :)