Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Requests # 13

Hey Everybody!

I have only one request to post today. From season 2, episode 9, here is the music to the scene where Gaby sees Sister Mary for the first time.

Gaby Meets Sister Mary



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for all your work!

Just wondering if you can consider also uploading the files somewhere else like rapidshare, since Divshare does not allow free access to downloads from certain countries.

Thanks once again.

StephenB said...

Thanks I love that one :D I found a really nice one if you wouldn't mind ripping it?

It's from 1x15, about 35 minutes in where Tom and Lynette are in Bed and he tells Lynette that his boss axed his promotion. It's really nice

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack!
I was just wondering if you could start ripping the music from certain episode previews. Like the ones at the end of the episodes. I was wondering in particular if you could do 5x18's preview. THANKS!