Friday, July 24, 2009

News & Upcoming Requests

Hey Everybody!

I'm here to give you some news. I have recently finished recording every single track from Season 3, and now i'm on to Season 2 and then Season 1. So, I'll be getting your requests in soon!

Speaking of requests, here is the list of requests I have right now.


1.01 – Paul hears the women talking about Mary Alice

1.01 – After My Funeral

1.01 – Susan and Julie Make A Clog

1.01 – 7 Days After My Funeral

1.01 – Carlos Sees the Grass Is Trimmed

1.01 – Borrowing Sugar

1.01 – Mike Talk To His Employer

1.01 – Ending & Credits

1.15 – Susan Finds Out That Mike Killed Someone

1.23 – The Secret Is Revealed & Ending

If your request is not on this list, please remind me of your request, and I will add it to the list.

That's all for now!



Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've been looking for that music with Betty and Bree everywhere. Really appreciate it!

William said...

I would like you to upload a great funny-fight-music (like the nunn and gabby-fight, but not that, I already have that score)... Please?

Anonymous said...

WHOHOOOOO! I totally cant wait for "2.17 - AA-guy, Bree etc." xDD I'm so excited.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I love your blog, the music is fantastic. For years I've always wanted the soundtrack in episode 1.03 when Gabrielle is giving the bike to the little girl and the intro scene to 1.07. Thanks!