Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Request # 7 and News

Hey everybody!

Today, I have only one request to post. From season 3, episode 22.

Now, I have a lot of requests from season 2 and mainly season 1. I'm recording every single track from every episode of the series. I've completed Seasons 5, 4, and just about 3. Next I'm doing 2 and then 1. So, once I get to the episode that your request is in, I'll post your request.



Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you. Since I downloaded 2x03, I have enjoyed hearing Betty Applewhite's mystery theme. It's just very different from Orson's, Katherine's, and Dave's.

Anonymous said...

This is so relaxing and nice... oh, thanks for making it possible to hear the music! If you wouldn't do that, we all couldn't listen to the beautiful art. :-D

Anonymous said...

Could you please post the song towards the end of "There's Something About War" in which Betty Applewhite is confronting Bree about Andrew running over Mrs. Solis? It's played when the women are on their way to Bree's door, and it's right before the closing song that plays with Mary Alice's narration. I'd really appreciate it!